Thursday, February 9, 2012

Security Room #2

More detailed version of the security room setup. Has two portal doors at either end both lead to elevators. Security check point now has a scanner to walk through. The security room itself has a adjacent hallway that leads to it. No door as of yet but will be adding it in. Room has a security console, weapons locker, scan console, and processor for food.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Second Alien weapon concept

I went back into Maya and played around a little bit more. I like this design more than the last as the shapes have more of a flow to them. This is a handheld version unlike the last shoulder mounted. The cut in the back is where the weapon actually absorbs power from the using Rike alien's mechanical suit. This allows for no reloads and short periods of over heating. To keep the cool down time to a minimum the heat sinks up front help cool it down faster while the vent clip on the bottom releases spent gases to keep from a critical failure and combustion.

Color concepts

This is my first concept color room. I used red/orange for the dirt to give it that deep cave feel along with dark blues and greys for the metal objects. I used green for the monitors so it would stand out a little more against the reddish background.